about wrkfit

In a word, we bring it...right to your office! At WRKFIT, we believe a strong company is built by strong, healthy employees. Our Yoga, Bootcamp, and Meditation classes foster overall employee health and wellness, team building, increased productivity, and employee engagement and loyalty—company values that today's workforce is looking to invest in. We specialize in designing and managing custom programs for small and medium sized businesses by partnering with HR directors, managers of People & Culture, CEOs, office managers, wellness directors, and other internal company stakeholders committed to boosting employee productivity, health, and happiness.

Let us help your business grow healthy and strong. 

KRISTIN MONZO, owner/instructor

KRISTIN MONZO, owner/instructor

Kristin Monzo finished her Baptiste Power Vinyasa training in 2012 and has been teaching in studios and offices ever since. Incorporating weight-training and crossfit into her own personal routine, she realized immediately that bodies and minds together need strength, stability, and flexibility to stay focused, healthy, positive, and productive.

Kristin continues to grow and evolve, bringing new ideas and relevant life experiences to her programs and the goals of WRKFIT, keeping your business healthy and strong. Understanding the importance of a balanced, healthy lifestyle, WRKFIT is the Philadelphia area’s one-stop-shop for physical and metal health in the workplace.